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SQL Transaction Log reader is a demand of those who are using SQL Server at their daily routine and they oftentimes encounter transaction log failures. Such issues may pull you in a situation where you will not be able to access table data stored into SQL databases and to handle such bothersome concerns it is required to view SQL transaction log data. Once you will check out the cause behind damage of SQL Server database then, you can go ahead to repair SQL tables accordingly. Viewing SQL Log details is quite simple with SQL Log Analyzer. Read more

A Step Towards Assured Database Recovery

If you really want to know the cause of transaction log failure so you can properly repair damaged table of desired SQL database then, you must adopt a time saving way that can let you understand database destruction reason. Our tool to analyze and examine SQL transaction logs perfectly scans the transaction logs for particular database. Once the examination of SQL Log winds up then our tool will picks up the associated MDF file if the log is damaged. Scanning and export procedure of the SQL transaction log analyzer assist to finish the log examination appropriately. When you will find out which database table is damaged after having a view SQL Transaction Log data then, you can adopt the most effective way for recovery of SQL tables and related elements.

Analyze, Understand, and Export Logs

Quick way to understand the log fail causes can be said as SQL Log Analyzer. This application is not only to find out where transactions are not committed or rolled back but also helps to export the failed log and related SQL table so, you can work-out for its recovery by own. Three options to export log and its associated SQL tables are:

  • SQL Server database
  • SQL Server compatible SQL scripts
  • CSV file

Moreover, you are permitted to filter selected databases you want to export for further recovery, so you can save your time while going to recover selected table instead of recovering entire database.

Know how to analyze SQL Log file:

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